“Lost Girl” recap (5.13): There will be blood


Previously on Lost Girl: Lauren is a human again–yes, just like that. Bo and Lauren broke up –yes, again. Bo had rebound sex with Tamsin–yes, or did she?

So Bo is feeling pretty cheated by the gods for getting a horseshoe as her weapon. What can she do with that? Tamsin helpfully suggests alternate uses as brass knuckles or a back scratcher or a boomerang. But it doesn’t work well as any of those things–that is unless you like cheese doodles.


Bo doesn’t even know what it is for, but Tamsin is like, duh, to use against Jack a.k.a. Hades a.k.a. the devil a.k.a. dad. Being a resourceful gal, Tam-Tam has also brought reinforcements. She had swiped the dagger Zeus offered to use to cut Hades’ handprint off of Bo earlier. Remember when we all thought Big Z was the problem? Those were such innocent days.

But Bo is still reluctant to cut–see what I did there?–ties with dear old dad. Tamsin makes a cutting–again, I just can’t help myself–remark about Bo calling her “emotionally unstable ex even after we…” Hey, about that–maybe you two should talk about that, eh?


Bo blows it off, or doesn’t hear, or doesn’t understand the subtle jab. Instead, she jabbers on about family. When did this show become All in the Family? I thought it was always about living the life you choose. Tamsin reminds her of this point, about family being the people who have been there for you all along.

But seriously, Bo. Why cling to outmoded ideas of what makes a family–especially if those outmoded ideas are living in a barbwire-protected institution at the moment. At said institution, a nurse is giving a newbie the rules of doling out meds to a specific patient. Don’t talk to her, don’t look at her, don’t touch her. The newbie does all three because that’s what newbies do. But then, I guess he doesn’t know Aife like we know Aife.


Inga Cadranel sure gives good crazy eyes, doesn’t she? So next she is busting out of the loony bin, which we all know is going to lead to an even more loony family reunion at some point. See, Bo? Be careful what you wish for.

Instead Bo takes another familial tack and confronts Trick about his continuing World’s Most Secretive Grandpa status. He has recently revealed that her mother Aife is both a) alive and b) an escapee. Bo is understandably pissed. Here’s a thought, if you’re trying to help her let’s start by trusting her with the truth.


Look, I know–or hope–that Trick continues to keep information from Bo because he thinks he is “protecting” her. But in case you haven’t noticed, that hasn’t actually worked out so well, so let’s not be stingy with the facts, buddy. You might still get that “No. 1 Grandpappy” mug after all, with a little full disclosure. No time like the present, right? Ugh, why does no one learn from their past mistakes on this show.

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