“Lost Girl” recap (5.11): This one time at Valkyrie Academy


Previously on Lost Girl: Kenzi is back! Lauren is a conduit! Hades is up to something! Wait, Kenzi, where are you going? Come back!

Don’t you hate it when you’re making out with your girlfriend and you accidentally suck her chi? Amirite, ladies? Lauren and Bo have that awkward, this-never-happens-I-swear moment while trying to get their mack on on the couch. Our Succubus is thrown being on the receiving end of her powers for a change. Come on, Bo, we all know turn-around is fairly sexy.


Bo confesses she’s still getting used to “that.” This implies they’ve done “that” more than once already. Hey, show, how about you let us in on the action? I’m just saying, there are only five episodes left–ever. So, you know, don’t be stingy with the sexytimes.

Alas, Bo wants to process–finally–but Lauren deflects. Instead she suggests they talk about Daddy Death or Hades or Jack or whatever he is being called these days. Bo reels off the good things he has done to help them since his arrival and deems it all “confusing.” Oh, sweetie. Your dad is basically the devil. I don’t think that’s confusing. I think that’s terrifying–especially since he probably has really bad things planned for your girlfriend and her new superpowers.


Tamsin walks in as Bo is gently playing with Lauren’s hair. Two’s company, three is excruciatingly uncomfortable for everyone involved. But mostly for poor Tam-Tam, whose heart is still a lonely hunting Valkyrie. She has dropped by for a letter that arrived for her, but of course Bo can’t find it right away.

As they search, Lauren offers her a “rocky toad” brownie. This is adorable, clearly, but also a little worrisome considering how many spells and medicines and dietary regulations probably include toad in the Fae world.


Tamsin finds the letter, under Lauren’s bum, because writers love adding insult to injury. But when she opens it her face changes from, “Ugh, get me out of here!” to “Oh, hell no!”

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