The women of this year’s Out 100


Without harping too much on the negative, I do have to say the few women included are great choices. While I wish there were more of them, let’s see which other ladies grace the pages of the 2010 Out 100:

Ana Matronic – Musician

Ana Matronic (who identifies as bisexual) and her band released their third album, Night Work, this year, reaching No.2 on the British charts and landing on the Billboard Top 20. Scissor Sisters will support Lady Gaga on tour in 2011.

Chely Wright – Musician & Marisa Demeo – Judge

There was a lot of hype surrounding country musician Chely Wright’s coming out this year. People magazine promised it’d be big, and while it wasn’t Queen Latifah or anyone more well-known like we were hoping for, it did help thrust Wright into mainstream spotlight.

Demeo has done extensive with the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund in Washington, D.C. which led to recent appointment in the D.C. superior court. An avid fighter for equality, she’s the right person for the job.

Heather Cassils – Artist

Personal trainer/performance artist Heather Cassils’ piece Tiresias was part of the 2010 Gutted benefit for the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. You may recognize her as Lady Gaga’s prison girlfriend in the “Telephone” video.

Youruba Richen – Filmmaker

A Fullbright-winning filmmaker, Youruba Richen tackles important LGBT and African-American issues. Her upcoming film, The New Black, will merge the two, highlighting the African-American and LGBT civil rights movements.

Emma Donoghue – Author

The Dublin-born, Ontario-based author wrote one of the most talked about bestsellers this year. Room is from the point-of-view of a 5-year-old boy, as he details his life in captivity with his mom. Donoghue has previously been awarded the Lambda Literary and Stonewall Book awards.

Katie Miller – Student / activist

Katie Miller ranked ninth in her class of 1,157 at West Point. But, thanks to DADT not allowing her to serve openly, she withdrew (and then went on tell Rachel Maddow all about it on her show). Since leaving West Point, Miller has transferred to Yale, where she studies political science and is very active on the fight against DADT. She even escorted Lady Gaga to MTV’s Video Music Awards this year. Hot date!

Kimberly Reed, Jincey Lumpkin – Filmakers and Laverne Cox – Life Coach

The ladies pictured with columnist Michael Musto all have very distinctive accomplishments. Transgender lesbian filmmaker Kimberely Reed’s documentary, Prodigal Son, chronicled the former high school football quarterback’s coming out and reunion with old classmates. Oh, then she was on Oprah, which pretty much means she’s made it.

Lawyer-turned-lesbian porn director Jincey Lumpkin founded and oversees everything that goes on at Juicy Pink Box, a for women, by women adult film production empire.

Laverne Cox was the first African-American trans woman on reality TV (2008’s I Want to Work for Diddy). That earned her a GLAAD award, and her own VH1 show, Transform Me, helping women be more lady-like.

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