Morning Brew: Thursday, Feb. 11


Hey friends!

Let’s start with the bad news: Friday Night Lights has been canceled. So the current season that’s running on DirecTV (and coming to NBC in April) will be its second to last. We’ll be bidding adieu to teen lesbian character Devin, but will still get Stephanie Hunt on our TV screens in the upcoming Parenthood. Still, I’d love to see Devin actually kiss a girl between now and 2011.

But here’s something awesome: Yesterday, Dorothy Snarker pondered Eliza Dushku‘s post-Dollhouse career move, and we sure got some clarification.

You guys, we’re blushing — and super excited about the Mapplethorpe project. Who will play Patti Smith?

BuddyTV has a few ideas for the cast of LOST after the series finale. For Evangeline Lily, a lesbian remake of The Fugitive. “Lilly has proven she can run from the cops and make handcuffs sexy, so why not put that training to good use as the star of a new show where she’s on the run to find the one-armed man who killed her wife.” I’d watch it.

The best quote on TV last night comes from Amanda on Ugly Betty: “It’s Fashion Week and you’re anxious. I get it. Like a lesbian at a makeup counter.” It’s true, Amanda. I can never decide which shade of Viva Glam to get at the MAC Counter. Anxiety might be a little strong, though. More like “graceful indecision.”

But the best quote about TV that will happen March 3? Kathy Griffin on kissing Mariska Hargitay: “The director told us he needed the kiss to be longer, so we ended up really making out. I was basically trying to get laid.” Mariska, Mariska, I really wanna kiss you but I can’t!

Today on Oprah, Kimberly Reed, who is “a former high school quarterback who is now female and a lesbian.” Kimberly is the subject of a new documentary, Prodigal Sons. Gotta love those sporty dykes.

Janina Gavankar has been cast in a new pilot for ABC called The Gates. Papi Janina will play “a local cop with a dark secret.” And a bad hat?

Also, Renee O’Connor has joined the cast of Beyond the Farthest Star, a drama being filmed in Texas this year. The former Xena star will play the wife of a TV evangelist who leaves his “celebrity” in the church to be a “loving husband and father.” If only her husband was played by Lucy Lawless.

Bored? Try streaming some LGBT films online! TLA has partnered with Frameline to present tons of short films. They are only $1.00 – $1.50.” One highlight: Hung from Guinevere Turner.

Sundance documentary 8: The Mormon Proposition has been acquired by Red Flag Releasing. The Dustin Lance-Black narrated film follows Mormons in California and Utah and their opposition against LGBT rights. You can see the film on Video on Demand or in theaters this spring.

And with that, I’ll see you Friday!

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