Behind-the-scenes: The final episode of “Anyone But Me”


All good things must come to an end, unfortunately. After three seasons, the groundbreaking and award-winning web series Anyone But Me, which garnered millions of views around the world, is closing its final chapter on March 20 with its much anticipated series finale.

On Tuesday we will finally learn whether Sophie decided to set up an encampment to occupy the subway platform in a silent protest over Vivian’s abrupt departure upon seeing Aster on the opposite platform. We will learn what went through Aster and Vivian’s heads in this perplexing exchange in Season 3, Episode 5 that led to their reconciliation. This is paraphrased.

Aster: OMG, I totes met someone!

Vivian: WTF?? You yatch!

Aster: Gurl, don’t even. You kissed Sophie!

Vivian: Oh no you di-int! Did you just go there?

Aster: Whatevs. Let’s hook up.

Vivian: OK!

Lesbians are always logical in interpersonal relationships, right?

I was on set with Rachael Hip-Flores and Nicole Pacent and creators Tina Cesa Ward and Susan Miller as they were filming the final episode. While Miller runs a tight ship and would not let me divulge any spoilers, we can tell from the stills that:

1. Vivian and Aster continue to talk in the final episode.

2. They seem to enjoy eating meals.

3. The script was printed in Courier font.

4. There is no evidence that anyone’s body will be found floating in a swimming pool, thereby launching a murder investigation and a failed spinoff in a women’s prison.

5. Susan Miller wears sunglasses indoors, but in her defense, it was really bright.

Nicole Pacent being prettified as Rachael Hip-Flores looks on

Make-up and Hair Stylist Emily Nowacki

L to R: Director of Photography Axel Ebermann, Tina Cesa Ward, First A.C. David Salazar

So are you looking forward to the series finale? Have you already thought about how you will cope after the series ends? Discuss.

All photos by Grace Chu