The Weekly Geek: “I Hit it With My Axe” covers new ground


Picture your average Dungeons and Dragons players, in for an evening of role-playing fun. Now picture your average porn stars, chilling in between shoots. The usual images (one might say stereotypes) don’t really cover the same territory, do they?

Think again. There’s a brand new web series, currently featured on the fantastic gaming website The Escapist that is premised on just that — a group of mostly female porn stars (along with a hair stylist and a stripper) who get together in their spare time and play D and D. It’s a reality show (hence, it’s unscripted and rather free-form) called I Hit it with My Axe, and it just aired its debut episode this week. Check it out (totally safe for work, BTW).

IO9 did a fantastic interview with one of the show’s stars, Satine Phoenix, about the series. Perhaps the most interesting were her thoughts on stereotypes.

From the interview:

That’s one thing I don’t get. Why wouldn’t a porn star play Dungeons and Dragons? It’s an escapist game just like “World of Warcraft” or any video game. Porn is a job like most others where at the end of the day you are glad to be home. It is pretty funny that people think that all porn stars do is have sex with one another.

OK, that is mostly true, but when they aren’t having sex with each other, many play games or watch movies. A couple of us in the group are book worms, some read comic books and watch cartoons while others like foreign films or movies with lots of explosions and visual effects. We are the next generation of sexy women in the media where most of our sexy comes from our brains.

No matter how you feel about porn, you have to admit this is a pretty cool sentiment. Not to mention, this has got to be one of the best ideas for a reality series that I’ve ever heard of. It’s as if the creators took the “nerdiest” activity imaginable and blended it with what many folks see as one of the least-geeky around (making adult films), and thus far, the actual show content completely subverts both stereotypes. The stars all come across like down-to-earth, cool people, each one wonderfully geeky in his/her own way.

The world we play in is Zak’s creation. A mix of AD&D and 3rd Edition. We don’t list our skills or use feats. Instead Zak likes us to play as if anything we could imagine up and do in real life, we could do in the game … The plan is to play for a whole year. If we die we just roll up new characters. The show will be our various adventures within the campaign.

You can check out the series at The Escapist, where a new episode will be released each week.

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