5 of the Best Lesbian Web Series You May Have Missed in 2018


According to our friends at LezWatch.TV, there were 50 webseries on the air in 2018 with lesbian, bisexual female, or transgender characters, a number that is absolutely staggering given that web series are still a rather niche format (and given they’re surely missing a few, such as some of tello Films’ offerings!). Recognizing that everyone’s tastes are different and any evaluation of a lesbian web series is totally subjective, here are some of our favorites that debuted in 2018 and 2017 that you may not yet have seen but that deserve a watch:

1. Best Love Interest: “Strangers(Facebook Watch): We love this quiet underdog that has somehow flown under the awards radar. It’s an extremely high quality, well-done series that excels in all areas. In season two, protagonist Isobel moves to New York and encounters a new challenge as she becomes the guest in the homes of others rather than they in hers. Although Isobel still struggles to identify how to achieve her goals—and fit into this world of rich yuppies—the selling point of this season, in particular, is the introduction of Mari (Kathleen Munroe) as her love interest. Their romance has a quietly epic and tense feeling…the lesbian Carrie and Mr. Big?


2. Most Interesting Mythology: “Jade of Death” (YouTube): Here at AfterEllen we don’t often run across Aussie fare (“Wentworth” excepted), but when we do, it tends to be a good ride. “Jade of Death” has a very modest scope—it’s mostly set in a small circus tent, which keeps production costs low—and it’s an extremely slow start, but the series starts to gather steam in the final few episodes. The series’ strength lies in its mythology: Jade can tell when someone is going to die and uses that skill as a fortuneteller at the carnival, but she also has the power to kill. A shadowy cabal of men who share that skill are after her for reasons initially unknown, putting a crimp in her burgeoning romance with another (female) carnival performer. Based on the final episode, we hope there’s a second season in the works.


3. Funniest: “Clairevoyant” (Youtube): Broke roommates Claire and Ruby decide to become online psychics, scamming willing clients on the Internet Miss Cleo-style with made up prophecies as the “Seer Sisters.” At the same time, Claire is trying to bumble her way into the heart of her lady crush. But it turns out that Claire actually is psychic, by way of her Macedonian roots, and an evil psychic wants to use Claire’s powers for her own gain. Bonus points for starring Natasha Negovanlis and Annie Briggs from the webseries “Carmilla,” who bring a lot of heart to the series as their characters. At mostly under four minutes per episode, it’s easy to binge the entire season in under an hour, and with snappy pacing and funny lines, it’s figurative popcorn.


4. Most Real: “Her Story(YouTube): “Her Story” is from 2016, but it’s really good. Like, really good. The six-episode series looks at the intersecting lives of a handful of lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women and how they navigate the straight and lesbian world around them and relationships between each other. The web series has excellent production values, a great script, and a wonderful, powerful message about the prejudices of the world around us. Written by, produced, and starring Jen Richards and Laura Zak, this show deserves to still be watched today.


5. Most Unexpected: “Swerve” (Youtube) If you didn’t watch season one of “Swerve,” all you need to know is that season one, episode one teased an unexplained hitman and two strangers meeting and traveling to a cabin in the woods, and that this series goes none of the places that you thought it would (but to the place it intends). “Swerve” in season two follows protagonist Elise, played by the captivating Sharon Belle, as she deals with the aftermath (emotional and otherwise) of season one. Lovingly and carefully filmed, the series has a good tempo, a pleasant viewing vibe, and a pretty good soundtrack. Season one ended on an utterly unexpected note (we won’t spoil it!), and season two doesn’t disappoint. This is for sure the most unanticipated series on the list, and that’s a good thing.


Bonus web series: “Brown Girls(“Brown Girls” website): “Brown Girls” has high production values, pretty good writing, and a clear vision, but best of all, it has a firm sense of realism: this is the story of real people and the minor challenges they face on a daily basis. The series follows two young women of color: Leila, a Muslim, Pakistani-American writer starting to own her sexual orientation, and Patricia, an African-American musician struggling to commit (to anything: job, art, relationships, etc.). On a grader scale, the series is about the malaise of being in one’s twenties and all the permutations of love and lust. The weakness of “Brown Girls” is its pacing, which is just a little too slow, but it’s a great effort to bring in more inclusive storytelling.

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