Video: “The Cougar Lesbians of Los Angeles: Payback Time”


I think we can all agree that we’re long overdue for a visit with "The Cougar Lesbians of Los Angeles" (also know as Second City actors Megan GranoMolly Erdman and Celeste Pechous). When we last checked in with the Cougars, they shared their helpful techniques for picking up lesbian co-eds. This time around, we get a glimpse of their take on the relationship drama depicted so expertly by all of those other "reality" shows about groups of women who really just need to calm down.

I think you might find it highly relatable. I mean, who didn’t meet their first love in a "Philosophy of Gender and Terrorsim" class?

(Warning: Contains some NSFW language!)

What do you think of the Cougars? Highly offensive or terrifyingly accurate?

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