Watch now! Emma Roberts in Funny or Die’s “The Girl with the Tramp Stamp Tattoo”


If you’re impatiently awaiting the US reboot of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, this parody clip from Funny or Die might ease your pain. Or it might make you wish this was the version you’d be seeing on the Dec. 21 release date.

In the video below, Emma Roberts plays the Ugg-wearing, inappropriately texting, hungover LA party girl version of Lisbeth Salander, while True Bloods Joe Manganiello (wearing actual clothes!) plays an eye-rolling version of the Mikael Blomkvist role.

Is Roberts’ horribly shallow character bisexual like the original Lisbeth? (I kind of hope not.) Did Manganiello hurt himself while dramatically removing his glasses? Is what they say about the effects of Jäger shots true? Wait, don’t tell me. I don’t think I want to know.


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