That’s What She Said’s “Lesbian Cliché Song”


Remember that paean to lesbian relationships, “U-Haul Rap“? Well the great minds (and voices) that brought you that piece of sonic gold are back with a new video for what is sure to be another lesbian classic. That’s What She Said‘s video for “Lesbian Cliché Song” features a whole gaggle of lesbians doing some very, well, lesbian things, with appearances by out comedians Bridget McManus, Fortune Feimster, Cat Davis, Jackie Jones and a few other familiar faces.

TWSS, also known as Kathryn Lounsberry and Amy Turner, told us, “This song was an excuse to put every lesbian cliché and stereotype we could think of into one song. The video was just an excuse to have fun with all of our amazing and talented friends. We’re especially proud of our ‘Dangerous Liasbian’ look which features flannel gowns we made ourselves! The video premieres next week in San Francisco at the Frameline Film Festival. We’ll be there and hope to see a huge crowd!”

For more info on That’s What She Said, check out their Facebook page.

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