Diddy and Usher put some lesbians in their music video


When women making out show up in music videos, the are typically only a small part of the storyline, if there even is one. It’s no different in Diddy‘s new video featuring Usher for the song “Looking for Love.” While they’re in the very dark club, trying to find this love, Diddy casts a glance at a pair of women who are enjoying one another’s company.


This is kind of old hat for Usher, as he’s used lesbian titillation in his video with Nicki Minaj for “Lil’ Freak.” In fact, these kinds of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it lesbian kiss scenarios are getting kind of boring and passé. You’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it all, am I right?

Looking at the positives of this inclusion in an otherwise very yawn-inducing video, the women seem to be having a great time among all kinds of clubgoers and doesn’t look to be some kind of sleazy situation. And yes, Diddy looks on, but it doesn’t appear that he’s turned on by it as much as he just notices it. He’s too busy looking for love!