“Generation L”: Episodes 2 and 3


We’ve had our eye on Generation L since our AfterEllen.com Down Under columnist Ruth Callander told us about the “sensational new reality series that goes behind closed doors and into the lives and bedrooms of the new generation of gay women.” Now, two new episodes are up and ready for your assessment!

In Episode 2, Yas talks about how her look has evolved since she first comes out, and wonders if opening a lesbian beauty academy might not be a bad idea


In Episode 3, Tania talks about her recent breakup with Carly and how much it sucks to keep seeing her out with her new girlfriend (a mutual friend) at all of Tania’s favorite haunts. Some themes are universal, aren’t they?


The episodes are short, about three minutes long (nearly 30 seconds of which are devoted to theme music and opening credits) but I already find the characters somewhat more vulnerable and sympathetic than those in The Real L Word. But maybe that’s just because they aren’t filming in my neighborhood and I’m not ducking the Generation L cameras every time I approach the bar for a fresh cocktail!

What do you think of the show so far?

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