“Community” gets a momentary lesbian for “Valentine’s Day”


Last week I included a picture of Britta (Gillian Jacobs) and Annie from Community, looking like they might be locking lips, in Morning Brew. It definitely felt like a tease, but now it appears that we might not be that far off when it comes to Britta. Check out the clip from this week’s episode.


OK, we all know how this usually ends: Straight girl befriends lesbian, might briefly question her sexuality when lesbian is an awesome pal, but then decides she’s straight and lesbian disappears. There will likely be some jokes other than just the Ellen reference from the clip, so if those still make you laugh, watch the episode this Thursday night.

But, you never know, as E! is reporting that “love is in the air for the Valentine’s Day episode, and that means that several same-sex friends are ready, willing and able to explore the homoerotic dimensions of their friendships.” So let’s all confirm we’re watching.

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