Ellen DeGeneres clears things up


Monday morning, I was doing my preliminary Morning Brew searches for all the lesbian news on the internet and came across an article about Ellen’s show last Friday, in which she said “That’s weird” in relation to same-sex dancing couples. I hadn’t seen the episode, so I was reacting to what I read, which directly quoted her from the episode. And when I watched it, I was among those that thought it odd she would respond to the idea with the statement, “That’s weird,” despite her qualifying statement that followed.

But many readers knew Ellen didn’t really mean that the women dancing together was weird; I’m not really sure what she thinks was weird — perhaps it was just her thoughts on the rumors that Portia DeGeneres would be joining the cast, or the idea that it’s just now being discussed that women can or should dance together.

At any rate, Dorothy Snarker posted a response this morning, also addressing the idea of tradition when it comes to things like dancing, and if male and female partnerships are old-fashioned or just how it goes when it comes to the art form. But when it comes to what Ellen really meant, she wanted to clear things up so that she wasn’t misunderstood, which I’m glad she did!


So there you have — straight from the lesbian’s mouth (pun intended).

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