“Bonnie and Bonnie” is a lesbian “Bonnie and Clyde”


The other day in Morning Brew, I wrote that one of the women from the MTV show The City was in a short film from Stylecaster.com in which she said she “popped her lesbian cherry” by kissing another woman. However, I have to eat my words in saying that you wouldn’t care to watch it, because you probably would.

AE reader lockanload sent us the link to the short, Bonnie and Bonnie and it is actually quite enjoyable. It stars Erin Williams (aforementioned reality star) and Adi Neumann as two “partners in life and crime,” and a hotel doorman who is curious about their riches and fabulous lifestyle.

Watch and see what I mean:


Did you miss this at all?

Just making sure you didn’t skip that whole part. And even though I was thinking it would end with a ménage à trois with said doorman, I was pleasantly surprised with the end.

OK, I admit it: Bonnie and Bonnie is worth a watch.

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