Actress Nicole Eggert pokes fun at her weight gain


When I first heard that Nicole Eggert would be joining the latest contestants on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club I was shocked. She was one of the hottest actresses from my junior high days. Back then, I often fantasized about being a guest on Charles in Charge for the very special “Jamie questions her sexuality” episode.

I didn’t follow Eggert over to Baywatch, but I do remember seeing commercials with her running down the beach in her little red bathing suit in slo mo. Those were good times.

Apparently, Nicole’s figure isn’t exactly what it used to be. Homegirl is still hot, but she’s just got more surface area of hotness. In a new video, she truly won me over by being able to poke fun at herself. I’d still take a bite outta crime.

Were you ever a Nicole Eggert fan? Do you think the video is funny or offensive?

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