A couple about to break up, a club promoter and a Shane: Casting ideas for “The Real L Word”


Love it or hate it, The Real L Word: Los Angeles is coming to a TV screen and lesbian bar near you. Even if you say you aren’t going to watch it, you probably will, “Look ma, there’s a lesbian on TV!”

So, we have to wonder &#8212 which real-life lesbians will Ilene Chaiken and her crew be choosing to portray our community out and proud on television?

We’ve already got some high-profile lesbians who have gone the reality TV route and Movieline.com put together a list of who they thought are the top 5. Their list is obvious, but great. I’m wondering whom else we can add to the list.

Here are some of my ideas of the type of people Ilene might choose to cast:

What kind of “characters” do you think the show will include, and who would you cast for it?

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