Cat on the Prowl: Jenn Colella


This week, Cat is on the prowl with Broadway actress Jenn Colella (Urban Cowboy, High Fidelity). The gay ladies talk shop, and Jenn offers a rare glimpse into her personal life, including details about her recent marriage to fellow actress Jenifer Foote.

Jenn, who starred as Beebo in the Off-Broadway production of The Beebo Brinker Chronicles (based on the novels by Ann Bannon), talks about meeting and working with Lily Tomlin, getting into character to play the iconic lesbian role, and her recent decision to be more “out” in her career. After a delightful and bleep-filled car ride (Jenn’s potty mouth is almost as bad as Cat’s!), the ladies stop in to visit former Prowl guest, Georgia Stitt, and Jenn gives Cat a lesson in playing butch.

Check back in two weeks for another episode of Cat on the Prowl.

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