ProjectRant: “What The F*$%^ Are You Doing In A Gay Club If You’re Not Gay?”


A new website called features actors speaking/re-enacting actual comments left anonymously online. A reader (thanks Dee!) tipped me off to one of their latest videos, which has actress Jennymarie Jemison asking "What The F*$%^ Are You Doing In A Gay Club If You’re Not Gay?"

Watch, laugh, and see if you don’t nod along in agreement to some of it!

There are many good lines here, but I particularly like this one:

What is up with the big straight guy standing there staring at you and trying to grab my ass when I walk by? … If I wanted a straight man to grab my ass, I don’t think I would have a hard time finding someone. But I don’t want that — I want a woman to do that. So f–k off!

It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

Of course, I think straight men and women should be allowed to go to gay clubs. It’s only if they’re gawking, hitting on women (straight men), or being offended if they’re hit on (straight women) that it’s a problem, and I suspect that’s the anonymous commenter’s real issue, too &#8212 but that doesn’t make for quite as catchy a title.

Other rants on the site include "Dear Pharmacy Customers," "Crazy Psycho Bitch Next Door" and "Overzealous Facebook Friends," which has the teaser, "I think you all know where this is going. If you don’t… it’s about you."

On a related note: [soapbox] Although comments like this one on ProjectRant are chosen mostly because they’re funny, I think it would be great if they also chose some terrible ones. If people had to say out loud what they wrote online, I don’t think most people would write as many negative/racist/sexist/bitchy comments as they currently do. [/soapbox]

What do you think of this video, and the ProjectRant concept in general?

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