Dara & Karman’s Hit List: “Girls Who Dance” (Episode 19)


This week on Hit List, Dara and I discuss women who make the world go ’round by way of their amazing dancing skills.

Whether they’re dancing solo, with partners, in the rain or on a pole, pop culture is positively teeming with women whose graceful moves entice us into the theatres and force us to stay glued to our television sets. Whether its Lindsay Lohan in I Know Who Killed Me or Julia Louis-Dreyfus (thumbing her way across the dance floor) in Seinfeld, the hypnotic allure of a few well-timed dance steps is impossible to ignore.

Some of our favorite moves are seen in the films Showgirls (or, as Dara calls it, "The Larry Flynt production of Antigone"), Flashdance, Chicago, Striptease, Pulp Fiction, and Dancing with the Stars (particularly dirty-dancing elder Cloris Leachman). In fact, we even suggest some future celebrity guests for Dancing with the Stars. (Could anyone really out dance a team consisting of Bea Arthur and Elaine Stritch?)

Of course, after we wrapped we remembered some of our favorite hoofers that we inexplicably neglected to mention, like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez (neither of whom would appreciate being overlooked in any category). Who are your favorite girls who dance?

Dara & Karman’s Hit List "Girls Who Dance" (Episode 19)

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