Brunch with C. Fitz (Brunch with Bridget, Episode 58)


This week, Bridget welcomes to Brunch director and executive producer C. Fitz.

Fitz talks to Bridget about her work on the upcoming star-studded L.A. event "An Evening With Women" (benefiting women’s programming at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, and tickets are still available) and shows us some footage from her new documentary, “ShowGirls,” Provincetown, MA.

Fitz also brings to Brunch her paper friend (and flat lesbian icon) Lezzie Lilly, who meets her potential hot new paper date, Busty Bridget. Despite Busty Bridget’s intimidating scowl, she and Lezzie Lilly hit it off and ride into the sunset together on a paper unicorn. It’s every bit as magical as it sounds!

Brunch With C. Fitz

(Brunch With Bridget,

Episode 58)

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