From the Cheap Seats: Euro Trip (Episode 42)


Since not much goes on with women’s basketball in between the draft and the WNBA season, Becca and Michelle devote this week’s episode of From the Cheap Seats to wrapping up loose ends concerning the EuroLeague championship, the latest WNBA transactions and to introduce their sport of the season: baseball.

Sure, the only women on the field are the ball girls, but women, particularly queer women, do make up a decent chunk of the fan base. The vloggers have their team of choice (guess who?), and they want to hear from you to determine which other teams to follow this season.

From The Cheap Seats: Episode 42

This is a vlog by fans for fans, so please leave plenty of comments, questions, rants and raves, or anything else that comes to mind. And check back next weekend for another episode!

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