Gal Pals: Lindsay and Sam, Clementine Ford and the Eminem video (Episode 1)


I’ve teamed up with Styled Out blogger Emily Hartl to present a new weekly video blog called Gal Pals. We’ll be chatting about a few hot topics involving lesbian and bisexual women of the week, and reclaiming the term “gal pals” from the mainstream media, who uses it to refer to high-profile female relationships. (Portia is Ellen‘s gal pal? Last I checked, they were married. That makes them wives, partners — not BFFs.)

In our first episode, we talk about the Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan break up: Is it really over? Can lesbians ever break up just once? Then we dish on Clementine Ford coming out, and starring on a very straight soap opera. Emily thinks it’s great that someone who most straight people would think doesn’t “look like a lesbian” is coming out to prove that we are all different, especially in the style department.

Also discussed: Eminem‘s use of gay women in his new video, and who we’re voting for in the Hot 100.

Gal Pals: Episode 1


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