Five Reasons You Should Be Watching “Couple-ish”


Carmilla star Kaitlyn Alexander’s new web series Couple-ish finally debuted after much excitement and a successful crowdfunding campaign. The actor who plays LaFontaine on the wildly popular vampire series wrote, produced and stars in this new series about two queer, platonic roommates who pretend to be a couple in order for one of them to stay in the country.

If that isn’t enough to pique your interest, here are a few more reasons to hit the subscribe button for Couple-ish.

Lead character Dee is non-binary & pansexualcoupleish1

What a day to be alive! Kaitlyn Alexander plays Dee, who, like themself in real life, is non-binary and open to dating all genders. Their major love interest in the series is Ed, played by Nick Potter. We haven’t met him yet, but his arrival on the scene is bound to create some drama for Dee and Rachel who are trying to keep up the illusion of their relationship.

Sharon Belle’s British accent and collection of jaunty hatscoupleish2

Sharon Belle will be familiar to many AfterEllen readers as the brave and dashing Danny on Carmilla. In Couple-ish, Sharon plays Rachel, a lesbian Londoner who is desperate to stay in Toronto, even if that means convincing her roomie to pretend to be her bae. If you are a sucker for a girl with an accent, then get your smelling salts because Sharon definitely brings on the British charm. Also, Rachel’s tomboyish hipster style is almost always accompanied by a fierce hat.

Mercedes Morris is you new crush Coupleish3

Mercedes Morris might be a relative newcomer on the scene, but we are certainly glad to meet her. She plays Amy, Dee’s sibling and the show’s moral compass. Vivacious, funny, and magnetic, Mercedes is a scene-stealer (and heart stealer) for sure. Scenes from the trailer indicate a major connection between her and Rachel, and we can’t wait to see more!

Snappy dialogue and real heartCouplish4

Couple-ish is giving Kaitlyn a chance to show us another one of their other talents: writing. Kaitlyn and co-writer Elizabeth Sutton inject a modern and realistic sensibility into the show. The lines feel authentic, the relationships organic, the angst and humor on point.

Queer romance and friendshipcoupleish5

Something that there is not nearly enough of in the world of entertainment is a focus on the friendships between queer people. All three leading characters are queer and their relationships and interactions are really what sells this series. Queer siblings, queer roomies, queer friendships. It’s at the core of the fandoms of these types of shows too. Friendships are made and cultivated across the world through a mutual love for a show and a shared queerness. Couple-ish embraces this wholly.

You can watch the first episode of Couple-ish below.

New episodes of Couple-ish air twice a week. Subscribe to the show’s YouTube channel and follow them on Twitter and Tumblr for updates.

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