Grab your leather pants! “Carmilla Season Zero” is a real treat


It’s time to go back to Silas…way back. Well, 2012 feels like a lifetime ago. In this Carmilla mini-series, we get to see sides of characters we didn’t know existed. For example, Perry used to be a total bohemian flower child Wiccan. (Think Tara MacClay but more intense.) Mel, the badass leader of the Summers Sisters? She was a total nerd. Carmilla, well, she was rocking the leather pants always.

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This series jumps back and forth between present day Laura and Carmilla, who are hiding out in the Silas Library from the sort of apocalypse, and three years prior in the same place. Forced to either deal with their smoldering affection for one another, or watch old VHS tapes, Hollstein chooses the latter. The thing is, Carmilla isn’t sure that Laura is going to like what she finds on the tapes. She may not be giving her human paramour enough credit, but only time will tell.

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For now, we can all sit back and enjoy some really fun scenes where Perry, Mel, Carmilla and even Kirsch try to figure out why no one on campus has gotten their period for months. Or as Mel calls it, The Great RedWing Migration.

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Carmilla Season Zero will have 12 episodes, the first two of which are live now.

 You can find the first episode on VerveGirl and the rest will play on the U By Kotex channel.

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