Cat on the Prowl: Down Dere Girls (Episode 24)


This week, Cat has her hands full with the lovely and talented women of Down Dere Films. Cat picks up the Australian filmmakers en route to a screening of their new short film Lightswitch, which stars out Aussie soap star Kylie Watson.

The ladies take Cat on a triple date on the Santa Monica pier and teach her how one seduces women “down under.”

Cat on the Prowl: Down Dere Girls (Episode 24)

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Editor’s Note: Per director Emma Keltie, there are issues with distribution of the Lightswitch DVD which are likely to continue for some time. She discourages fans from ordering via the website until those issues are resolved and suggests that in the interim you can go through PayPal’s Buyer Complaint process to retrieve a refund of your purchase. Anyone with with complaints or concerns can forward them to Emma at [email protected] or co-producer Natalie Krikowa at [email protected] and they will pass them on to the relevant authorities involved.

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