Dara & Karman’s Hit List: “Professional Lesbians” (Episode 16)


This week, Dara and I discuss the women who we ask to defend us in court, run to when we’ve hurt ourselves, or try to evade when we’ve broken the law. No, I’m not talking about our mothers. I’m talking about Professional Lesbians!

More specifically, we reference Professional Lesbians in pop culture, the doctors (Saving Face), lawyers (Law & Order) cops and detectives (The Wire) that we love to watch in action.

We also dip into the world of entrepreneurial lesbians, the women whose business savvy, be it in bookstore management (Ellen) or creative earning skills (Set It Off) would make Suze Orman (also a Professional Lesbian) proud.

Do you aspire to be a Professional Lesbian? Tell us all about it!

On another note, we’ll be taking a brief sabbatical from The Hit List over the next few weeks, but we’ll be back soon with more useless indispensable information and questionable thoughtful life-lessons.

Dara & Karman’s Hit List “Professional Lesbians” (Episode 16)

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