Hit web series “Anyone But Me” to return with brand new scenes


In 2008, Anyone But Me brought lesbian storylines front and center in the fairly uncharted territory of web series. The young love story between Vivian (Rachael Hip-Flores) and Aster (Nicole Pacent) electrified the intertubes, and writers/creators/producers Tina Cesa Ward and Susan Miller brought funny, touching and nuanced storytelling to a new and eager audience.

Vivian and her father, a firefighter who got sick from working in the 9/11 wreckage, move from NYC to Westchester, separating Vivian from her beloved high school girlfriend, Aster. While Westchester is only a train ride away, the couple goes through the dramas, misunderstandings and mad love that affects long distance relationships. We thought we said goodbye to Viv and Aster back in 2012, but we have some excellent news for fans.


 Anyone But Me: The Lost Scenes will debut September 1st on Hulu and September 15th on Youtube. Hip-Flores and Pacent will be back in 10 new stand-alone scenes that can also integrate seamlessly into previous episodes. Basically, a compliment to the storylines you already love, or viewed as new scenes to simply enjoy on their own.


Shooting starts this week on the new scenes, and all three seasons of Anyone But Me are available for your binge watching enjoyment. If you are a Anyone But Me newbie, or just want to relive all the awesome memories, you can start with the first ever episode below. We will be sure to bring you more news and interviews as the debut gets closer. In the meanwhile, follow the project on Facebook and Twitter for more ABM goodness.

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