Short Film Contest Winner: “Run Montage”


Winners of the First Annual Short Film Contest will run every weekday between now and Jan. 30, with voting for the Grand Prize Winner beginning on Monday, Feb. 2. The creator(s) of the film that gets the most votes will appear in a promo on Logo’s television channel in late Spring, directing viewers to watch their film online.

“Run Montage” by Laura Mitten

Every romantic comedy has a run montage, that part where one half of our destined duo goes to find their other half before it’s too late.

The run montage is usually a highlight of any romcom — so why not just skip the first, second and third acts — let’s just jump to the run!

Run Montage

Look for another winning video each day this week, and see the winners announced so far. Voting for the Grand Prize Winner will take place beginning Monday, Feb. 2.

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