“Peacekeepers” stars a bisexual character who is tasked with saving the world


Imagine if your boss had you on speed dial 24/7. Oh, and did I mention that your boss is quite possibly GOD? That’s the reality for Alana in the new web series, Peacekeepers. Alana’s not quite sure if her boss is indeed the big guy (or lady) in the sky, but being a Peacekeeper is no joke. Everyday, any time of the day, she gets texts and phone calls from some all knowing force, directing her to save complete strangers from imminent death and disaster. While the money is good, the massive responsibility is taking a toll on Alana’s social life.

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There is a good reason that Alana was drawn to work as a Peacekeeper, however: Something from her past haunts her, and maybe by saving others, she can save herself. One nasty downside of being a Peacekeeper is that, well, there are equally powerful forces working against them. In the first episode, which is available now for viewing, Alana has a date with a gentleman who is not at all who he appears to be.

I spoke with the folks behind Peacekeepers and I can tell you that Alana meets and falls for a lady in the second episode. Her fellow Peacekeeper and best friend Sophie is also queer, and we will meet some additional lesbian characters later on in the season.

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The production values on Peacekeepers is incredibly high, and the acting is top drawer. Maria Makenna, who co-created the series and plays Alana, is both plucky and vulnerable as the beleaguered hero, making her infinitely root-for-able. Madeline Wise is perfect as the wisecracking Sophie, who got Alana her Peacekeeper job in the first place. Writer/director Charlie Reeves has an impressive TV background including work on The Leftovers, The Knick, Gotham and Smash. The series is currently having an crowdfunding campaign to complete editing and post-production, as well as pay their hardworking performers and crew.

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The great thing about Peacekeepers is there is something for everyone. Lovers of NYC will be crazy for all the locations and authentic city feel. Fans of queer characters will have some great new heroines to swoon for. Action, romance, comedy, divine intervention, Peacekeepers could become your new favorite web series.

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