Meg comes out on “The March Family Letters”


The March Family Letters is a web series that provides a contemporary version of the novel Little Women and follows the tales of four sisters and their mother, as they journey through life, offering a modern take on the personalities of the March sisters.


In the most recent episode, the oldest sibling Meg (played by Jessica Allen), takes a leap of faith in telling her best friend Joan (Alejandra Simmons), that she has feelings for her. This is not an easy task for Meg, as she is not known for her carefree spirit or to jump into something without knowing the answers to all her questions beforehand. Prior to telling Joan, Meg creates a video blog in which she tells the camera she attempted to write a guide for what she is about to do and has conducted research surveys on how to determine your sexuality. Putting herself out there is clearly terrifying for Meg which makes the episode even sweeter.

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However, Meg surprises herself when she asks Joan to come over to “hang” and proceeds to tell her that although she doesn’t let her walls down for anyone, the only person she would let in, would be Joan. Smitten with what Meg has shared, Joan informs Meg that she too feels the same and leans over and kisses Meg, telling her she has been wanting to do that for a long time. 

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This episode of The March Family Letters provides a sweet and sincere moment of the possibilities of love arising where you least expect it.

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