The creator of “B.J. Fletcher” goes supernatural in “Witch Like Me”


If you are a fan of shows like Buffy, Supernatural, and Carmilla, then you will definitely want to check out the new web series, Witch Like Me. The show is a collaboration between B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye creator Regan Latimer and Producing Juliet producer Rochelle Dancel.

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Suzannah (Margaret Brock) is a librarian whose life is turned upside down when her grandmother is mysteriously murdered and Suzannah discovers that she is no mere mortal. With the help of her Witch’s Guardian, Heloise (Vanessa Dunn, also from B.J. Fletcher and lead singer of Vag Halen), she enters a world full of magic and danger, twists and turns in time, where she tries to stop her grandmother’s murder before it happens. She also sets out to reunite Heloise with her true love, Diana (Mayko Nguyen).


According to Latimer, “Witch Like Me has been in development for three years, and I am so excited to finally be moving ahead with the series. I think it’s extremely important to create content that is not only LGBT inclusive but that also tells those stories and depicts those characters in new and exciting ways. Fantasy/sci-fi is a genre I personally love, and my hope is that Witch Like Me will bring some intriguing new strong female voices and personalities to the mix.”


Action, adventure, sweet lady kisses? What’s not to like? Here’s the trailer and stay tuned for full episodes coming soon.

Keep up to date with Witch Like Me on their official site, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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