Laura Zak and Caitlin Bergh dish on Season 2 of “#Hashtag”


Laura Zak and Caitlin Bergh are the co-creators and stars of #Hashtag, a web series loosely based on the true story of Laura being seduced by a woman on Instagram. If this sounds super cool or totally insane, you will enjoy Season 2 of the show, which premiered last Sunday on Tello Films. 

In #Hashtag, Laura plays Liv, a 20-something in Chicago trying to balance the woman she’s been seeing, Tash (played by Marnie Alton), with the online flirtation she has gone with MarleysMom (who ends up having a real name: Jo). Meanwhile her best friend Skylar (Caitlin) has been kicked out after cheating on her girlfriend at the end of Season 1. Now she’s making a name for herself on Vine as Couch Lady, recording her daily updates from whatever couch (or park bench and occasional bed) she ends up on.

We sat down with Laura and Caitlin to talk about writing sex scenes for themselves, casting their love interests and why everyone is queer in #Hashtag land.





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