“The Carmilla Christmas Special” will bring us cheer, possibly monsters


This just in, Creampuffs! AfterEllen is thrilled to be the first to bring you these good tidings. While you thought it was going to be a few months before you saw Carmilla, Laura and the rest of the Silas crew, we have got amazing news for you: On Christmas Eve, The Carmilla Christmas Special will air on the VerveGirl TV Youtube channel. The story is tightly under wraps but we do have a mini synopsis for you from the folks at Smokebomb.

When Laura and the gang find themselves fleeing from Silas, an old dusty diner seems like the perfect place to seek refuge. But Christmas cheer may not be enough to overcome the dangers lurking in picturesque Styria.


Beautiful, picturesque Styria. Not exactly a spring break destination but we’ve grown to love it anyway. So, first of all, this is the first Carmilla episode taking place outside of Laura and Carmilla’s dorm room. All holed up in a diner? Sounds cozy and creepy, which is why Carmilla is so fun to begin with. Also, WHO IS THIS MYSTERY WOMAN?! I have my suspicions.

Find out on December 24th, at 11am EST. Also, check back later this week for our interview with Natasha Negovanlis (Carmilla) and Elise Bauman (Laura).

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