Alexi & Eric’s Closet: The Black Tank Top and Jeans (Episode 1)


For the premiere episode of our new weekly fashion vlog Alexi & Eric’s

, fashionistas Alexi and Eric turn

something plain and simple — the classic black tank top and jeans —

into something chic and fabulous:

The friends use accessories to show how both men and women can create several

different looks built around the blank tank top and jeans, and then model them

for you on the imaginary runway in Alexi’s apartment.

Alexi and Eric also end each episode by revealing their secret celebrity crush

of the week. Watch it now below!

Alexi & Eric’s Close: The Black

Tank Top and Jeans (Episode 1)

Check out Alexi at,

and look for new episodes of Alexi & Eric’s Closet on

each Wednesday.

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