Brunch with Cassandra (Brunch With Bridget, Episode 27)


This week while sailing through France on an Olivia river cruise, Bridget talks finance with fellow passenger Cassandra, a money manager and Chief Investment Officer.

Cassandra is full of helpful advice about how lesbians can protect ourselves financially in our relationships (no, the answer is not to get a bigger, meaner cat that can kick your ex’s ass) and how to plan for the future by making smart investment decisions now.

In addition to being an occasional commentator on CNBC’s After The Bell, Cassandra is also a savvy gambler and an expert on making the most of her stays in luxury hotels (let’s just say that her pantry is filled with a lot of miniature toiletries, and leave it at that). Will Bridget learn to manage her money? Can a pillow-fight be rigged? Watch and learn.

Brunch with Bridget: Episode 27 "Brunch with Cassandra"

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