Come With Me If You Want To Live: Dinah Shore 2008


In this very special episode of Come With Me If You Want to Live, our Southern vloggers Jenn and Dee walk you through their first time at the annual lesbian spring break known as Dinah Shore Weekend, as they share their stories, photos and footage from the event.

When they weren’t getting lost racing from event to event and marveling at all the lesbians, they were cooking burgers with Karman and me (okay, they cooked while I fired questions at them), chatting with Jackie Jones about doing stand-up, pillow-fighting on Brunch with Bridget, dancing with Cathy DeBuono, getting smack talk from Elizabeth Keener, and dishing with Jill Bennett about the Dinah fashion show. They were almost busier than I was over the weekend!

If you’ve never been to Dinah, this is a great way to experience it through the eyes of “Dinah virgins.” If you’re a veteran of the event, it’s a fun — and much less tiring! — way to re-live it.

Come With Me If You Want To Live: Dinah Shore 2008

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Look for Jenn and Dee’s first Work Out vlog later this week.

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