SHE MADE ME WATCH THIS! March 31, 2008

on’s managing editor Malinda Lo guest-stars on this episode of She Made Me Watch This!, which is dedicated to answering the TV and movie questions you left in the comments last week. Questions like:

  • Is Cashmere Mafia / Life / The Sarah Connor Chronicles being renewed for another season?
  • Why are good pilots sometimes not picked up?
  • How could Bionic Woman have been fixed?
  • What goes into determining whether a TV show/season is released on DVD?

We also discuss our favorite L Word storylines from this season, and which shows we’re most excited about returning in April.

Plus Malinda and I get into a lively punctuation argument (I blame the British!), and the bunny injured in last week’s episode makes her first on-camera appearance since the accident.

She Made Me Watch This! March 31, 2008

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