Brunch with Bridget: Episode 13


In bed with Bridget this week is out actress Jill Bennett of Dante’s Cove, 3Way and AE vlog We’re Getting Nowhere fame. In addition to the typical Brunch hijinks, they also discuss Jill’s childhood aspirations, the influential men in her life, and why being an out performer is so important in the battle against homophobia. Yes, this is A Very Special Semi-Serious Episode of Brunch with Bridget!

In addition to all the thoughtful discussion, they also play Show and Tell with photos from their childhoods, and from a recent game of Broomball (they were on opposite teams).

They also grudgingly display their high school prom pictures, so it turns out that there is some comedy in this Very Special Episode after all.

Brunch With Bridget: Episode 13 “Brunch with Jill”

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