Retro Reviewing: “But I’m a Cheerleader”


Welcome to the second episode of Retro Reviewing, the world’s premiere (and probably only) vlog dedicated to reviewing lesbian classic and not-so-classic films. This week, the crew was down to Danielle, Katie and Rina, but that didn’t stop them from rolling out a new review scale: 1-5 swishes of gay magic. It’s kind of like the 5-star system found in your average movie review, but with a queer flair.

Episode two is focused on But I’m a Cheerleader!, a film near and dear to the hearts of our reviewers. It’s a favorite in many circles, notably for its humorous take on a very ugly subject (“conversion therapy”), its adorable love story, and its tongue in cheek commentary on the nature of gender roles. The movie stirred some controversy when it was released in 1999, when famously almost got slapped with an NC-17 rating.

It also happens to have some of the best housework-related scenes ever put to film (a point that they were only too happy to demonstrate).

Retro Reviewing But I’m A Cheerleader!

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Next week, the retro reviewers plan to tackle Personal Best, so if you’re in the mood to follow along, or make any comments/requests, feel free!

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