3Way Episode 4: “Fatal Distraction Part 1”


The fourth 3Way episode is all about ex-girlfriends, with Kristy Swanson (who starred in the original Buffy movie) guest-starring as Geri’s, and Elizabeth Keener (The L Word‘s Dawn Denbo) as Andrea’s. Siobhan and Roxie aren’t happy about their return, and the usual hilarity ensues.

3Way Episode 4:"Fatal Distraction Part 1"

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My favorite line? Roxie telling Andrea, "I get it. I just don’t like it."

Kristy is funny as the diabolical stalker, and it pretty much goes with out saying that Keener can bring it. (Sorry, had to get in at least one Dawn Denbo joke!)

When you’re done watching the episode, check out the 3Way‘s funny new promo involving Jill Bennett, Cathy Shim, Elizabeth Keener, and weapons…

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