What’s YOUR Problem? Episode 9


Actress and therapist Cathy DeBuono and actress Marnie Alton talk about how they met auditioning for Exes & Oh’s, what it was like for Marnie to have her first girl kiss, and how she learned about homosexuality while growing up.

The two women also take on AfterEllen.com viewer letters dealing with issues of that straight girl friend who is either homophobic, or wants to cross that line….

What’s Your Problem? Episode 9 “What Happened to Gloria!?!”

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They also chat about their first paid gigs, childhood crushes and the battle of Canadians vs. Americans…. it’s hard to tell who won.

If you have questions/issues you want Cathy to address, you can leave it in the comments, or private message Cathy (just make sure to let her know in the message whether she can mention your username on air or not).

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