Brunch With Bridget: Episode 10


On my last trip to L.A., Bridget invited me to be a guest on Brunch with Bridget, which I agreed to only after she met my list of demands: that we film it in my hotel room in plush robes while eating overpriced room service breakfast. She reluctantly agreed.

Since we’re both Libras and mildly opinionated, a casual conversation about growing up in the country soon turned into a battle of words that led to a Professional Lesbian pillow-fight smackdown.

So basically, it was just like all of our other conversations. I love hanging out with Bridget!

Brunch with Bridget: Episode 10 “Bridget Loves Blondes”

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(And before the animal lovers jump all over me &#8212 I’m not advocating violence towards animals! It was self-defense!)

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