You Can’t Take Them Anywhere! IN Magazine Anniversary Party


In the first episode of their new red carpet/travel series, You Can’t Take Them Anywhere!, Bridget McManus and Karman Kregloe attend IN Los Angeles magazine‘s 10th anniversary party and ask fun and vaguely inappropriate questions of partygoers, including actresses Carlease Burke and Thea Gill, IN Magazine’s resident lesbian Courtney Jackson, radio host Doria Biddle, and Women on a Roll founder Andrea Meyerson.

They also run into two women who work for the June Mazer Lesbian Archives and discuss their favorite items in the collection.

And of course, there’s the requisite drunk guy (it wouldn’t be a party without one!).

You Can’t Take Them Anywhere!

IN Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Party, March 2008

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On the next You Can’t Take Them Anywhere!, Karman and Bridget invade Tahoe!

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