We’re Getting Nowhere: “The L Word” 5.9


No, you don’t need to adjust your monitors. Dara did not show up for We’re Getting Nowhere sporting a new perm and some specs this week. In fact, she had to take care of some business and our pal Maile Flanagan was kind enough to fill in for her. You probably know Maile from her role as Geri in the hit web series 3Way, though you may not have recognized her without her outrageously large member. And by “member” I mean Geri’s prosthetic finger. What did you think I meant?

This week on WGN we discussed what we call the “sex montage” episode of The L Word. Yes, everyone got lucky this time around. Shane and Molly finally got some relief for that sexual tension, Tina and Bette found love in an elevator, and Max may have even found Mr. Right.

We also talked about ass tattoos, trans sex and leather products. Just keeping it clean as usual.

Finally, we had more fun with sock puppets this week when recreating the big lesbian “family” sit down orchestrated by Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindi. Please ignore the fact that sock puppets can’t actually “sit,” as that is really just a tedious technicality.

We’re Getting Nowhere: The L Word Episode 5.9

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