Julie Goldman’s Celesbian Interviews Special: KATE MCKINNON

Editor’s Note: We were going through our archives and found this glorious gem from way back when (posted by AfterEllen’s founder Sarah Warn in 2008!) and wanted to make sure you all saw it. Kate McKinnon was still a baby dyke and the best part is when she says she’s so lesbian she has “never touched a human penis.”

Please also enjoy an additional video below of a sketch comedy she and Julie Goldman created. It’s all available now on Kate McKinnon TV. 

In the first episode of her new round of The Julie Goldman Celesbian Interviews Special, Julie talks to her Big Gay Sketch Show co-star Kate McKinnon about why people don’t think Kate’s a lesbian, what Kate wore the first time she made out with a girl, and why Gillian Anderson is still the queen of her heart.


Plus, Kate reveals why she can never be a porn star, and Julie talks her into becoming her co-host for the rest of the Celesbian episodes (which will roll out every weekday on AfterEllen.com through February 14th).

The Julie Goldman Celesbian Interviews Special: Kate McKinnon

Coming up later this week: Julie interviews Jamie Babbitt, Marnie Alton, and Maeve Quinlan!


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