SHE MADE ME WATCH THIS! The “Cashmere Mafia” Edition


It’s the Cashmere Mafia edition of She Made Me Watch This! In this episode, Lori and I analyze what works and what doesn’t in the first two episodes of the new ABC drama series, including:

  • what changes were made from the original pilot
  • why we love Caitlin and the way Bonnie Somerville plays her
  • why we hate what the writers have done to Zoe’s character
  • Juliet’s makeover, and what’s still missing in her story line
  • Mia’s bad pirate sleeves, and good mentoring skills
  • the wonder of spreadsheets and their many uses
  • lots and lots of Caitlin and Alicia!

We also show some of the lesbian story line scenes, and Lori gives tips for succeeding in the workplace (here’s one: don’t sleep with co-workers!).

And we wear business suits! In memory of the days when we actually had to wear something besides jeans to work.

She Made Me Watch This! The Cashmere Mafia Edition

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