The Gay Agenda: January 10, 2008


vloggers Jennifer Vanasco and John Polly give you the quick rundown on where

everyone stands in the Presidential race now, including:

  • why Hillary Clinton won the New Hampshire primary
  • why Barack Obama should get ready for major scrutiny and

  • whether John Edwards presence is taking the Anti-Clinton

    votes from Obama
  • why John McCain is the best Republican candidate for gays

    and lesbians
  • what’s wrong with Ron Paul (hint: he’s on the record for

    being racist, homophobic, and anti-semitic).

and more.

The best part about this vlog for me? I get an LGBT POV on the race in only

10 minutes, and there’s nary a Fox News commentator in sight…

The Gay Agenda: January 10, 2008

In related breaking news, it looks like Gov.

Richardson is bowing out of the race
, and John

Kerry just gave his support to Obama

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