SHE MADE ME WATCH THIS! September 22, 2007


With so many interesting new fall TV shows debuting now, Lori and I decided to structure our vlog a little differently moving forward. Rather than a lengthy review of each show, we’re just going to hit the highlights of the week in TV and film, organized into the following categories:

Rapid-fire Reviews (kinda like The McLaughlin Report, but gay)

Gaying up Primetime (the best lesbian moment that wasn’t)

Who thought that was a good idea? (the rant)

The Casting Couch (cool new film or TV casting news) Soundbites (funny comments on the site about TV and film)

What to Watch (our pick of what’s coming up on TV and at the theaters)

Among the TV topics we cover this week are the premieres of Top Model, K-Ville, and Survivor: China; our love of Bones; the revamped Bionic Woman pilot; and Gossip Girl‘s lesbian moment that wasn’t.

We also discuss Zoe Saldana in the new Star Trek movie, what’s wrong with the trailer for the upcoming movie The Kingdom, and why Lori plans to see Resident Evil: Extinction (opening this weekend).

Plus, a special appearance by Sydney Bristow, and Lori gets in trouble for revealing how much I like the cheesy ballet movie Center Stage (2000).

She Made Me Watch This! September 22, 2007

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