SHE MADE ME WATCH THIS! Disastrous Women


In this week’s video blog, Lori and I discuss the cinematic women who’ve saved

the world from impending doom — because nothing’s hotter than a woman

who chases tornadoes, electrocutes evil sharks, or creates a lot of complicated

mathematical charts and graphs!

Since not everyone’s as big of a disaster movie nut as Lori is, we’re giving

you a video cheat-sheat on the disaster movies with the best female leads:

Saffron Burrows
creates the perfect killing machine and then tries

to undo it in Deep Blue Sea, Hilary Swank goes on

a mission to jump-start the earth’s motor in The Core, Vivica

rescues the First Lady from an alien attack in Independence

, Shelley Winters does some deep-sea diving in Poseidon

, Kim Delaney saves California from falling into

the ocean in 10.5 and 10.5 Apocalypse, Kate Winslet

floats in Titanic, and Anne Heche and Linda Hamilton

duck lava bombs in Volcano and Dante’s Peak.

All while slinging witty one-liners and sporting just the right kind of sexy

mussy hairdo! (Um, them, not us – although we do make sarcastic comments in

our vlog, and Lori does occasionally have a whisp of hair out of place.)

Because we’ve upgraded our software, we now have nifty new theme music! You’ll

also be happy to know the snarky captions are back; unfortunately,

the new video editing software doesn’t come with a spell-checker, so you’ll

notice a few typos. But life’s too short to do it all over just because Hilary

Swank insists on spelling her name with only one "l". (Although I

don’t have an excuse for leaving the "i" out of "premiere",

except I had that old saying "there’s no ‘I’ in "team" stuck

in my head. You can blame my basketball coach for that.)

Besides commentary on the movies, you’ll also learn about how I narrowly escaped

a tornado in Fargo, North Dakota; why Lori believes mentoring is important even

in the face of world annihilation; and why we’re both hoping we’re in New

York when Mt. Rainier finally blows.

Watch the vlog here now!

She Made Me Watch This: Disastrous Women


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FYI we’ll be taking Labor Day weekend off, which means no video blog next week &#8212 but we’ll be back the first week in September with vlogs reviewing more fall pilots, and Jodie Foster’s The Brave One.

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